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declarant’s representatives on behalf of the corporation, including management

contracts, deeds, leases, licences and easements;

(d) copies of all policies of insurance and the related certificates or memoranda of

insurance and all insurance trust agreements;

(e) bills of sale or transfers for all items that are assets of the corporation but not part of

the property;

(f) the records maintained under subsection 47 (2) and subsection 83 (3); and

(g) all records that it has related to the units or to employees of the corporation. 1998,

c. 19, s. 43 (4).

Same, after meeting


The declarant shall deliver to the board within 30 days after the meeting,

(a) the existing warranties and guarantees for all the equipment, fixtures and chattels

included in the sale of either the units or common elements that are not protected by

warranties and guarantees given directly to a unit purchaser;

(b) the as-built architectural, structural, engineering, mechanical, electrical and plumbing


(c) the as-built specifications, indicating all substantive changes, if any, from the original


(d) all existing plans for underground site services, site grading, drainage and landscaping,

and television, radio or other communications services;

(e) all other existing plans and information not mentioned in clause (b), (c) or (d) that are

relevant to the repair or maintenance of the property;

(f) if the property of the corporation is subject to the

Ontario New Home Warranties Plan



(i) proof, in the form, if any, prescribed by the Minister, that the units and common

elements have been enrolled in the Plan within the meaning of that Act in

accordance with the regulations made under that Act, and

(ii) a copy of all final reports on inspections that the Corporation within the meaning

of that Act requires be carried out on the common elements;

(g) a table setting out the responsibilities for repair after damage and maintenance and

indicating whether the corporation or the owners are responsible;

(h) a schedule setting out what constitutes a standard unit for each class of unit that the

declarant specifies for the purpose of determining the responsibility for repairing

improvements after damage and insuring them;

(i) all financial records of the corporation and of the declarant relating to the operation of

the corporation from the date of registration of the declaration and the description;

(j) if the meeting is held after nine months following the registration of the declaration and

description, the reserve fund study that is required within the year following the

registration of the declaration and description;