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(a) a table of contents prepared in accordance with subsection (4) and located at the

beginning of the disclosure statement;

(b) a statement indicating,

(i) whether the corporation is a freehold condominium corporation or a leasehold

condominium corporation, and

(ii) if the corporation is a freehold condominium corporation, the type of freehold

condominium corporation that it is;

(c) a statement of the name and municipal address of the declarant and the mailing address

of the property or the proposed property and its municipal address if available;

(d) a general description of the property or proposed property including the types and

number of buildings, units and recreational and other amenities together with all

conditions that apply to the provision of amenities;

(e) if the declarant has made an application for approval described in subsection 9 (4), a

summary of the reports, if any, that the approval authority has required be made under

subsection 9 (4) and the agreements, if any, that the approval authority has imposed

under subsection 9 (5) as a condition of approval;

(f) a statement indicating whether the property or part of the property is or may be subject

to the

Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act

or whether the declarant has enrolled

or intends to enrol the proposed units and common elements in the Plan within the

meaning of that Act in accordance with the regulations made under that Act;

(g) a statement whether a building on the property or a unit or a proposed unit has been

converted from a previous use;

(h) a statement whether one or more units or proposed units may be used for commercial

or other purposes not ancillary to residential purposes;

(i) a statement of the portion of units or proposed units which the declarant intends to

market in blocks of units to investors;

(j) a statement of the portion of units or proposed units, to the nearest anticipated 25 per

cent, that the declarant intends to lease;

(k) if construction of amenities is not completed, a schedule of the proposed

commencement and completion dates;

(l) a list of the amenities that the declarant proposes to provide to the purchaser during a

period of interim occupancy of a proposed unit under section 80;

(m) a copy of the existing or proposed declaration, by-laws, rules and insurance trust

agreement, if any;

(n) a brief description of the significant features of all agreements or proposed agreements

mentioned in section 111, 112, 113 or 114 and of all agreements or proposed

agreements between the corporation and another corporation;

(o) a statement of whether, to the knowledge of the declarant, the corporation intends to

amalgamate with another corporation or whether the declarant intends to cause the