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corporation to amalgamate with another corporation within 60 days of the date of

registration of the declaration and description for the corporation;

(p) if an amalgamation is intended under clause (o), a copy of the proposed declaration,

description, by-laws and rules for the amalgamated corporation, if available;

(q) a copy of the budget statement described in subsection (6);

(r) a copy of the budget of the corporation for the current fiscal year if more than one year

has passed since the registration of the declaration and description for the corporation;

(s) a statement setting out the fees or charges, if any, that the corporation is required to

pay to the declarant or another person; and

(t) all other material that the regulations made under this Act require. 1998, c. 19,

s. 72 (3); 2001, c. 9, Sched. D, s. 3 (1).

Table of contents


The table of contents in the disclosure statement shall be in the prescribed form, shall

indicate whether the declaration, by-laws, rules or the proposed declaration, by-laws or rules of

the corporation or any other material in the disclosure statement deal with the following matters

and, if so, shall indicate where the matters are dealt with:

1. A statement indicating,

i. whether the corporation is a leasehold condominium corporation or a freehold

condominium corporation, and

ii. if the corporation is a freehold condominium corporation, the type of freehold

condominium corporation that it is.

2. The property or part of the property is or may be subject to the

Ontario New Home

Warranties Plan Act

or the proposed units and common elements are enrolled or are

intended to be enrolled in the Plan within the meaning of that Act in accordance with

the regulations made under that Act.

3. A building on the property or a unit or a proposed unit has been converted from a

previous use.

4. One or more units or proposed units may be used for commercial or other purposes not

ancillary to residential purposes.

5. A provision exists with respect to pets on the property or the proposed property.

6. There exist restrictions or standards with respect to the occupancy or use of units or

proposed units or the use of common elements or proposed common elements that are

based on the nature or design of the facilities and services on the property or on other

aspects of the buildings located on the property.

7. A statement of the portion of units or proposed units, to the nearest anticipated 25 per

cent, that the declarant intends to lease.

8. A statement whether the proportion, expressed in percentages, of the common interest

appurtenant to any unit or proposed unit differs in an amount of 10 per cent or more

from that appurtenant to any other unit or proposed unit of the same type, size and