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9. A statement whether the proportion, expressed in percentages, in which the owner of

any unit or proposed unit is required to contribute to the common expenses differs in

an amount of 10 per cent or more from that required of the owner of any other unit or

proposed unit of the same type, size and design.

10. A statement whether any unit or proposed unit is exempt from a cost attributable to the

rest of the units or proposed units.

11. Part or the whole of the common elements or the proposed common elements are

subject to a lease or licence.

12. A statement whether parking is allowed in or on a unit, on the common elements or on

a part of the common elements of which an owner has exclusive use and a statement

of the restrictions on parking.

13. Any other statement specified in the regulations made under this Act. 1998, c. 19,

s. 72 (4).

Copy of budget


On the request of the declarant, the corporation shall, promptly and without charge,

provide a copy of its budget for the current fiscal year to the declarant. 1998, c. 19, s. 72 (5).

Budget statement


The budget statement is a statement for the one-year period immediately following the

registration of the declaration and description and shall contain,

(a) a statement of the common expenses of the corporation;

(b) a statement of the proposed amount of each expense of the corporation, including the

cost of the reserve fund study required for the year, the cost of the performance audit

under section 44 and the cost of preparing audited financial statements if subsection

43 (7) requires the declarant to deliver them within one year following the registration

of the declaration and description;

(c) particulars of the type, frequency and level of the services to be provided;

(d) a statement of the projected monthly common expense contribution for each type of


(e) a statement of the portion of the common expenses to be paid into a reserve fund;

(f) a statement of the status of all pending lawsuits material to the property of which the

declarant has actual knowledge and that may affect the property after the registration

of a deed to the unit from the declarant to the purchaser;

(g) a statement of the amounts of all current or expected fees, charges, rents or other

revenue to be paid to or by the corporation or by any of the owners for the use of the

common elements or other facilities related to the property, unless a turn over meeting

has been held under section 43;

(h) a statement of all services not included in the budget that the declarant provides, or

expenses that the declarant pays and that might reasonably be expected to become, at