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in clause 98 (1) (b) with respect to the unit;

(m) a statement with respect to,

(i) the most recent reserve fund study and updates to it,

(ii) the amount in the reserve fund no earlier than at the end of a month within 90

days of the date of the status certificate, and

(iii) current plans, if any, to increase the reserve fund under subsection 94 (8);

(n) a statement of those additions, alterations or improvements to the common elements,

those changes in the assets of the corporation and those changes in a service of the

corporation that are substantial and that the board has proposed but has not

implemented, together with a statement of the purpose of them;

(o) a statement of the number of units for which the corporation has received notice under

section 83 that the unit was leased during the fiscal year preceding the date of the

status certificate;

(p) a certificate or memorandum of insurance for each of the current insurance policies;

(q) a statement of the amounts, if any, that this Act requires be added to the common

expenses payable for the unit;

(r) a statement whether the Superior Court of Justice has made an order appointing an

inspector under section 130 or an administrator under section 131;

(s) all other material that the regulations made under this Act require. 1998, c. 19,

s. 76 (1); 2000, c. 26, Sched. B, s. 7 (5).

Fee for certificate


The corporation may charge the prescribed fee for providing the status certificate.

1998, c. 19, s. 76 (2).

Time for giving certificate


The corporation shall give the status certificate within 10 days after receiving a request

for it and payment of the fee charged by the corporation for it. 1998, c. 19, s. 76 (3).

Omission of information


If a status certificate that a corporation has given under subsection (1) omits material

information that it is required to contain, it shall be deemed to include a statement that there is no

such information. 1998, c. 19, s. 76 (4).

Default in giving certificate


A corporation that does not give a status certificate within the required time shall be

deemed to have given a certificate on the day immediately after the required time has expired

stating that,

(a) there has been no default in the payment of common expenses for the unit;

(b) the board has not declared any increase in the common expenses for the unit since the

date of the budget of the corporation for the current fiscal year; and

(c) the board has not levied any assessments against the unit since the date of the budget

of the corporation for the current fiscal year to increase the contribution to the reserve