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corporation’s meeting have, within 90 days of the meeting, consented in writing to the

registration of the declaration and description; and

(c) the corporations have complied with all prescribed requirements. 1998, c. 19,

s. 120 (1).

Meeting of owners


The board of each amalgamating corporation shall call a meeting of owners for the

purpose of considering a declaration and description amalgamating the corporations. 1998, c. 19,

s. 120 (2).

Notice of meeting


The board shall give the owners a notice of the meeting which shall include,

(a) a copy of the proposed declaration and description of the amalgamated corporation and

a copy of the proposed budget for the corporation’s first year of operation;

(b) a copy of all proposed by-laws and rules of the amalgamated corporation;

(c) a certificate as to the status for each amalgamating corporation in the form prescribed

by the Minister;

(d) for each amalgamating corporation, the auditor’s report on the last annual financial

statements of the corporation, if it is not included in the certificate mentioned in clause

(c); and

(e) all additional statements and information that the regulations made under this Act

require. 1998, c. 19, s. 120 (3).

Signing of declaration


The declaration of an amalgamated corporation shall not be registered unless the

officers of each amalgamating corporation who are duly authorized to sign on behalf of the

corporation have signed the declaration. 1998, c. 19, s. 120 (4).

Part VIII not applicable


Part VIII does not apply to an amalgamation carried out under this section but does

apply to an amalgamated corporation after the registration of its declaration and description.

1998, c. 19, s. 120 (5).

Effect of registration

121. (1)

On registration of a declaration and description for an amalgamated corporation,

(a) the amalgamating corporations are amalgamated and continue as one corporation;

(b) the units and common interests of the amalgamating corporations are continued as

units and common interests in the amalgamated corporation;

(c) all encumbrances, easements and leases that affected the units or common elements of

the amalgamating corporations are continued as encumbrances, easements and leases

respectively that affect the units or common elements, as the case may be, of the

amalgamated corporation;

(d) all declarations, descriptions, by-laws and rules of the amalgamating corporations

cease to apply;