Property Management in Hamilton & Burlington
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Maple Ridge Community Management  (MRCM) was founded in 1984 and the focus of our business has been and will continue to be condominium management.

MRCM's goal with all trades and suppliers contracted to supply goods or services is premised on three important factors: timely service delivery, quality work and cost competitiveness.

MRCM has retained the services of Community Source Solutions Inc.(CSSI), a company specializing in supplier procurement services. CSSI provides comprehensive background checks, compliance reviews and  a user-friendly, cloud-based program that is integrated with our work order processing system.  The program’s functionality enables suppliers to track and manage their work orders, house their compliance documentation, upload reports and invoices and communicate with our property managers in an effective and efficient manner. 

Community Source Solutions Inc. ensures approved suppliers meet pre-established eligibility criteria  (including insurance, WSIB coverage, licensing, credentialing and performance standards) and  grading criteria as their service delivery is graded for timeliness, quality, cost competitiveness and accountability. 

Suppliers wishing to register to be become an MRCM supplier may contact Community Source Solutions Inc. toll free at
1-844-444-6400 or complete an online application at  

MRCM’s onboarding of new communities follows our Standard Operating Procedures which requires an audit of contracted services provided to all communities under our administration. Should there be an established supplier relationship, MRCM does not arrive with a mandate to change unless so instructed by the Board of Directors.  MRCM will ensure each supplier is properly qualified, licensed and insured to perform the tasks they are assigned and evaluate their service delivery based upon the criteria identified above.  

The buying power that MRCM has through its collective client pool is a bartering tool used in the best interest of every community we manage. All supplies are secured through a detailed purchase order. Invoices are reviewed and must be approved by the appointed manager with all documentation being provided to the designated signing officers for their scrutiny. As a security measure, property managers do not sign cheques for payment to any contractors or suppliers.

Maple Ridge Community Management is proud of our independence and honoured to be of service.