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Maple Ridge Community Management has been proudly serving the condominium industry since 1984.

MRCM is ACMO 2000 certified and was also named the ACMO 2009 Corporate Member of the Year.

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To whom it may concern,

I would like to give compliment to our Property Manager on her outstanding performance on her job.

One reason is that whenever I bring up my concern, she is always approachable and helpful. She always listens and is here for the residents, the property manager whom residents can count on, the person that will never turn her back on us.

She displays a lot of personal integrity and enthusiasm by always being professional and taking responsibility for what she does. I can see she always has a smile on her face and interacts with people in a polite manner. She tries her best effort to solve any problem that brings to her attention.

She gives positive reinforcement to our building, residents and her team. She has done a lot for our building. She is definitely a valuable asset to our building and community.